Artist Policy

Artist Policy

Welcome to Nails2U, the ultimate platform for nail artists to showcase their talent and connect with clients. This Artist Policy is designed to provide clarity on the rules, expectations, and responsibilities of artists who use the Nails2U platform.

You will find here:

Rules & Regulations

Booking Cancellation

Artists are required to cancel bookings at least 8 hours in advance when necessary. Last-minute cancellations may result in inconvenience for users.

Custom Service Requests

If you wish to offer custom services not listed on the platform, please send a request to the admin. You can offer discounts on custom services, but they must be approved by the admin.

Offers and Deals

Offers, deals, and in-app advertisements are only applicable to services listed on the app by admin. You can make offers on custom services but cannot offer discounts without admin approval.

Account Activity

Artists are encouraged to stay active on the app. Continuous inactivity for more than 15 hours may lead to a decrease in your account ranking, affecting booking allocation.

Earnings Withdrawal

When you wish to withdraw your earnings, please submit a request to the admin. Withdrawals will be processed within 4 days after admin approval.

Availability Schedule

Artists should provide a 1-week prior schedule in the app to help users book services based on available time slots.


All tips given by users belong entirely to artists. There will be no division or deduction from the tip amount.

Job Requests Location

Artists are advised to accept job requests from locations that are closer to them. This ensures ease of service, considering artists need to go to the user’s location.

Location Tracking

Artists can use the tracking feature within the app to monitor the user’s location during bookings. This helps artists better understand where they need to go to provide their services.


Use the chat feature to maintain contact with users after booking confirmation. It’s a valuable tool for providing additional assistance and information.

Applicable Terms

Registration and Profile

Accurate Information
Artists must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process. This includes personal details, contact information, and qualifications.

Unique Profile
Artists should create a unique profile with a distinct username and password. Sharing login credentials with others is strictly prohibited.

Service Representation

Accurate Service Information
Artists are responsible for accurately representing their nail art services, pricing, and availability on their profiles. Any discrepancies may lead to account suspension.

Booking and Fulfillment

Booking Commitment
When artists accept bookings, they commit to providing the nail art services agreed upon during the booking process. Artists should adhere to the confirmed date, time, and location of the appointment.

Artists are encouraged to maintain open and timely communication with users, ensuring a smooth booking experience.

Service Quality

High-Quality Service
Artists are expected to deliver high-quality nail art services that align with the standards they have set on their profiles. Consistently poor service quality may result in account suspension.

User Reviews and Ratings

Respectful Reviews
Artists should respect users’ right to leave reviews and ratings. Any attempts to manipulate or misuse this feature are strictly prohibited.

Payment and Compensation

Timely Payments
Artists are entitled to receive compensation for services rendered. Payments should be made promptly and in accordance with the platform’s policies.

Dispute Resolution

Open Communication
In the event of disputes or issues related to bookings, artists are encouraged to engage in open communication with users to resolve matters amicably. If a resolution cannot be reached, Nails2U’s customer support team is available to assist in mediation.

Compliance with Policies

Adherence to Terms
Artists must adhere to Nails2U’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and all relevant policies at all times. Violations of these policies may result in account termination.

Safety and Security

Nails2U verifies the identity and qualifications of artists to ensure user safety. Artists should cooperate with verification processes.

Promotion and Marketing

Marketing Materials
Artists are welcome to use Nails2U’s platform for self-promotion, but any external marketing materials should not misrepresent the Nails2U platform.


Account Termination
Nails2U reserves the right to terminate accounts that violate these policies or engage in fraudulent activity.

Support and Assistance

If artists encounter any issues, have questions, or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is available to help.

By using the Nails2U platform, artists agree to abide by this Artist Policy and all associated policies and guidelines. Nails2U is committed to maintaining a professional and trusted platform for both artists and users, and cooperation from artists is essential to achieving this goal.

Please refer to Nails2U’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other relevant documents for additional information.

Note: This Artist Policy is a guideline and does not cover all aspects of artist-user interactions on the Nails2U platform. Artists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all platform policies for a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities.