How to use the Artist app

Nails2U Artist App

How to use the Artist app

Step 1

Create an Account

Simple Signup Process: Joining us is easy and quick. Registration Options: Sign up using your email and phone number and your work portfolio.
Note: Ensure your artist app login details are different from your user account. Please use new login credentials. Also, you can request service from browser or user app. To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2

Select Your Location

Update your current location for easy tracking of your destination. You can add multiple locations to your account. After accepting a user's offer, remember to update your location when leaving your place to serve them. Users can track you via live location in real time.

Step 3

Your Dashboard

Welcome to Nails2U! Your dashboard is your command center. Discover everything about your profile and work status. Enjoy a seamless working experience. From ratings and experience to completed jobs, earnings, and the latest job requests, everything is right here on your dashboard.

Step 4

Job Request Notification

Stay Prepared! Receive notifications about your upcoming jobs at the top of your dashboard. Be ready to leave promptly.

Step 5

All You Need to Do Today

Stay updated on today's tasks. Your upcoming jobs are listed in chronological order. Click the "Start" icon when you're leaving for your destination.

Step 6

Track Destination

Do Effortless Navigation Now Nails2U simplifies reaching your destination. Follow the map's guidance and keep track of your destination using the map location.

Step 7

Commence Service

Once you arrive at your destination, a pop-up will guide you to start your service. Click the "Start Your Service" icon to begin the job. When you're done, simply click the "End Your Service" icon. This ensures job completion and contributes to your ranking among other sellers.

Step 8

Don't Forget to Capture

After completing your job, don't forget to capture your work. Add images of the nail art service you provided to customers right after the service. This allows potential customers to see your skills. You can also update your portfolio later.

Step 9

Latest Requests

Keep an eye on the latest job requests section. Serving today's jobs is important, but keeping an eye on what's coming up is equally crucial. Keep an eye on the latest requests section and send offers to customers for more work opportunities.

Step 10

Check History

Review your complete job history, including job posts and services you've offered. Scroll down and take pride in your achievements.

Step 11

Update Portfolio

Regularly update your portfolio to display your evolving skills and help customers understand your abilities.

Step 12

Rating Records

Feedback Matters, Right?
Track user reviews and ratings of your nail art service. These ratings reflect customer satisfaction. Always maintain a friendly and professional attitude with your clients for positive feedback.
Note: Always strive to provide excellent service and maintain a positive relationship with your clients.

Step 13

Payment Status

Stay informed about your total earnings, including pending and completed payments.

Step 14

Payment Withdrawal

Celebrate Your Hard Work!
Link your bank account to withdraw your earnings. We appreciate your dedication and hard work. Get ready for more opportunities as your skills continue to impress customers!